Percept was founded by Shivani Ranchod and Dave Strugnell, both of whom are actuaries and academics at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The leap from academia to Percept is surprisingly small: deep curiosity, an endless supply of problems worth solving and questions worth answering, an appreciation of intellectual rigour and the desire to create a learning environment in which people can thrive. The firm builds on their extensive experience across the health and financial services sectors. 

The word Percept describes the process of fully experiencing the world: those rare moments when our sensory experiences (including thought) harmonise with each other. The multi-dimensional nature of that perception, that goes beyond the superficial, accords with our multi-disciplinary approach and our appreciation of diversity. We deliver solutions that seamlessly thread together an array of skills and perspectives.


Bring your best self. Be present. Be kind. Be open. Collaborate and listen. Participate. Reflect. Trust your gut. Don’t underestimate your ability or your creativity. Be humble. Challenge the isms head on. Don’t confuse power and leadership. Hold each other accountable. Be brave. Be inclusive. Cherish our complex and multi-faceted identities. Celebrate our diversity. See our shared humanity. Live your social conscience. Follow your moral radar. Tread lightly on the earth. Speak truth to power. Hold our context and Constitution close to your heart. Work intentionally. Respect our clients, and remember that they know their reality better than we do. Make it as simple as it can possibly be, but no simpler. Value substance over form.

But remember that form still matters. Under promise and over deliver. Always ask how what we’re doing is making the world a better place. Step outside your comfort zone. Don’t expect the women to take notes and make tea. Be a feminist. Be generous. Mentor, teach and support. Encourage positive conflict. Don’t be afraid to be different, or fear those who are different from you. Engage authentically. Speak up. Breathe. There is much to be done, therefore you must go slowly. Be handcrafted in small batches. (Just checking whether you’re paying attention). Don’t eat at your desk. Don’t ever stop learning. Think about all the possibilities. Do your research. Use spell check. Attach the attachment. Own your mistakes. Ask for help. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t answer emails on holiday. Know when to work all night and when to call it a day. Don’t miss life’s important moments. Learn how to differentiate between rigour and perfection. Know which boulders are yours. Have faith in the future. Don’t think small. Be flexible and adaptable. Be resourceful. Be resilient. Resist bureaucracy, embrace governance. Take the risks that are worth taking. Dream. Show your passion. Remember that attitude beats aptitude. Hunger for understanding. Find inspiration everywhere. Be more curious than George. Be a good ancestor. Plant trees you’ll never see. Put your soul into it. Take joy in exploring. Delight in discovering. Question everything. Stop taking yourself so damn seriously. Learn to take criticism. Laugh a lot. Be diligent. Be ingenious. Have fun.



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